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YPLUS Erasable Colored Pencils with Erasers 12pcs

YPLUS Erasable Colored Pencils with Erasers 12pcs

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Experience the joy of coloring with YPLUS Erasable Colored Pencils! Each pencil comes equipped with an art eraser, allowing for easy correction and modification. The water-soluble pigments provide vivid and smooth coloring, allowing for greater expression and creativity. The high-quality lead provides a delicate touch and smooth stroke, while the triangular pencil barrel provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Made with premium-quality wood, each pencil is wrapped in 360-degree protection to prevent breakage. The soft poplar wood pencil barrel is coated with eco-friendly water-based paint, ensuring safety and odorlessness, with a perfect balance of hardness and softness.


Dimensions: 11.5cm x 20cm x 2cm (L x W x H)


  • 12-color set of YPLUS Erasable Colored Pencils
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