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My First book 5 Food Pink

My First book 5 Food Pink

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Eating is a very important aspect of life. Every child needs nutritious and delicious food daily to give them strength and health. Hence, children should learn how to eat properly, healthily and beautifully from an early age! This book will teach children to be grateful for food, develop good eating habits and learn to appreciate the effort of the farmers, chefs and parents! The delicious-looking pictures on each page will leave you and your children with a sense of fullness in your body, mind and spirit. Every food ingredient has bright colours, exquisite embroidery and soft hand-made texture that provides a close-to-real touch, which enhances the authenticity of the materials and increases your child�s interest in them!


  • Outer packaging dimensions: 24*31*12.5cm
  • Product dimensions: 21*19*12cm
  • Suitable age: 0-6 years old
  • Number of pages: 9 pages


1x My Frist Book
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